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Why wall wash lights can last

Why wall wash lights can last
After the quality issue is considered, the price issue must be considered. For the same quality, of course, it is necessary to choose the right price. Quality is the prerequisite, and the price must be guaranteed, so that you can buy a satisfactory wall washer.

When we need to purchase wall washer, we must pay attention to the choice of product, so as to determine the quality of the product, which can reach a good standard. When we choose the moment of wall washer, we must pay attention to the drive power configuration of the product. Because of the configuration of the driving power, the overall efficiency of the product use and the stability effect are related. If the driving power supply and the configuration are reasonable, the wall washer is often promoted. In the process of using the wall washer, the power consumption rate is low and stable and reliable. It can be used for a long time.

Of course, in order to ensure the wall washing lights, it is more reasonable. Therefore, in the choice of products, we must pay attention to the overall light source of the product. High-quality products often have a clear light source, so the brightness of the light is very natural and comfortable. High-quality wall washer lamps are often very durable, so they dissipate heat very well. Therefore, when choosing, the heat dissipation effect of the product is also one of the issues we must consider. Therefore, in the selection, it is necessary to ensure the perfect heat dissipation structure of the product.

No matter the size of the load changes, the circuit that the LED current remains unchanged is called LED constant current drive. The purpose of driving with LED constant current is to improve the life and light attenuation of LED. The selection of a good or bad constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability, so that a constant current source with high efficiency is selected as much as possible, which can reduce energy loss and temperature.

LED is an energy-saving product, and the efficiency of the driving power supply must be high. It is especially important for the structure in which the power supply is installed in the luminaire. Because the luminous efficiency of the LED decreases as the temperature of the LED increases, the heat dissipation of the LED is very important. The efficiency of the power supply is high, and its power consumption is small. The wall-washing lamp manufacturer generates less heat in the lamp, which reduces the temperature rise of the lamp and is beneficial to delaying the light decay of the led.

If you use a constant voltage source instead of a constant current source, when working at 20mA at room temperature, the current will drop to 8-10mA at -40 degrees, and the brightness will decrease. For 1W high-power LED chips, the situation is the same, and because of the high power, heat dissipation is not easy, and the temperature rise problem is more serious.

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