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What is the difference between LED T5 tube and LED T8 tube, you know?

With the increasing variety of LED lights, everyone can quickly distinguish the types of lights. Take the LED tube as an example! A lot of people don’t know what the difference between T5 and T8 lights is. Now, let’s take a look!

The size of the LED T5 tube and the LED T8 tube are different. The size of the T8 tube is 26 mm, while the size of the T5 tube is smaller, 16 mm, and the diameter of the T5 tube is also smaller.

The LED T5 tube uses a rare earth trichromatic phosphor. Compared with the T8 tube in terms of energy consumption, the LED T5 tube is more energy efficient. Therefore, the T5 tube is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than the T8 tube.

Similarly, the two are also different in brightness. Because the volume of the T5 tube is smaller, the brightness generated when energized is also small, so the T8 tube should be brighter. If you choose a bright tube, select the T8 tube, select the tube to be darker and select the T5 tube.

T8 and T5 lights are also different in use and location. T8 lights are generally used in public areas, factories, hospitals and other places, and the probability of occurrence is almost greater; while T5 lights are generally used in the field of home decoration.

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