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What is the difference between downlights and spotlights?

Today, there are many kinds of lighting and lighting, and some places require lighting. Therefore, the choice of light source is a thing that cannot be ignored, because the current light is not only used for lighting purposes, but also for creating atmospheric effects. Common lamps are downlights and spotlights. What is the difference between these two lights? Let’s talk about the difference between the two.

The downlight is a vertically downward illuminator with an unadjustable lighting direction. Different spotlights, the spotlight can adjust the direction of illumination and concentrate on specific areas to play the role of accent lighting. Although downlights and spotlights have similar shapes, their respective characteristics are different. First of all, the downlights provide basic comfort and soft lighting. It is more suitable for dining table, bedroom and other lighting, the light source is warmer. Therefore, when installing the downlight, consider the range of illumination of the lamp and the degree of matching between the lamp and the lighting environment. Spotlights are primarily used for accent lighting to illuminate key objects compared to downlights. For example, goods, handicrafts, etc., the light source is relatively clear, and the color and attributes of the item can be clearly seen.





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