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What are the most easily overlooked items when purchasing outdoor LED displays

The heating of the indoor LED display LED lamp needs to improve the luminous efficiency of the LED, and the controller and the connecting line have less heating, and there is not much room for improvement. There is a lot of room for improvement in the heat generation of the driving part, and it is also the part we look forward to improving.

Outdoor media advertising has always existed in various forms. In the past, the streets and alleys were filled with paper advertising posters. Later, there were various banners, light boxes, roll-up banners, etc. The appearance of outdoor led displays changed outdoor advertising. The effect, sound and color are all advantages, increase the audience of the advertisement and make it easier to remember. However, when choosing a LED display, you need to consider some factors more than choosing an indoor LED display. Based on my many years of experience, the editor of Shenzhen outdoor LED display makes the following analysis of outdoor LED display:

1. Outdoor led display screen saves electricity and energy

In the current society that strongly advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, outdoor LED displays are favored by users for their energy-saving features. Compared with traditional display devices, they can save about 50% of electricity. If they are used for years, the electricity savings will be a lot of money. Harvest.

2. The outdoor led display has a good display effect

The LED display screen exceeds the traditional display equipment in terms of color and fineness of the screen. The led display has high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. The high resolution ensures that the high-quality advertising pictures can be presented well; the high brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly displayed under direct sunlight; the high contrast is the picture color It is a powerful guarantee of uniformity and fine image. And the automatic brightness adjustment function ensures that the advertising screen has a good display effect in all kinds of weather.

3. Wide viewing angle of outdoor led display

From the screen itself, the outdoor display has a large viewing angle and a wide viewing angle, and the content on the screen can be seen from the front and the sides. Secondly. The viewing distance of the display screen is far, and long-distance viewing has better visual effects, and the picture is smoother. From the perspective of distance, outdoor display screens have more audiences, and more people can see the advertisement content at the same time. , And coupled with the spread of sound, so that the outdoor display is almost pervasive.

4. Outdoor led display has strong environmental adaptability

We know that the outdoor display screen will play normally no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, which requires the display screen to have strong environmental adaptability. Normally, outdoor LED displays have their own protection level, and the protection level of the display that can withstand bad weather must reach at least IP65. Of course, it can be better and more environmentally resistant.

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