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Types of Sconces

There are many types and styles of sconces, such as ceiling lamps, color-changing sconces, bedside sconces, and mirror sconces.

The living room sconces not only allow us to have local lighting when reading books and newspapers, but also add a cordial and harmonious atmosphere when meeting guests and talking. A small sconces can also be installed on the wall behind the TV, with soft light to protect eyesight.

The bedroom sconces are dominated by soft and warm colors. The sconces should use diffuse material lampshade with low surface brightness

It is advisable to usesconces instead of ceiling lamps in washrooms, so as to prevent water vapor from condensing on the lamps, affecting the lighting and corroding the lamps. Use sconces as bathtub lighting, and the light blends into the bathtub.It is relaxting.But pay attention to the sconces should be moisture-proof.

Ceiling lamps are mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors and bedrooms.They are suitable for permanent lights.The color-changing sconces are mostly used for festivals and celebrations.The bedside sconces are mostly installed above the head of the bed, the lamp head can be rotated in all directions, and the beam is concentrated, which is convenient for people to read. The sconces in front of the mirror is mostly used for decoration near the bathroom mirror.

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