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The Difference Between Road Street Light and Landscape Light

Although both the road street light and the landscape light have the lighting function, there are many differences between of them.

First,their heights are different. The conventional height of road street lights is 6-12 meters, and some road street lights have a conventional height of 6-20 meters. However, the general height of landscape lights is 3-6 meters. This is because landscape lights are for viewing purposes and do not need to be too high.

Second,their lighting power is different. The lighting power of road street light is generally relatively large, and it should be considered according to factors such as the width of the road, the surrounding trees, the height of the light pole, and whether it affects the surrounding residents.The lighting power of the landscape lamp is small.

Third,their application places are different.The road street light is generally used for main roads and secondary roads in cities or villages. Landscape lights are generally installed in separate areas, such as parks, gardens, commercial pedestrian streets and leisure squares.

Fourth,their functions are different. The main function of road street light is to illuminate, and it must be able to provide pedestrians and vehicles with better lighting brightness. But the landscape light only needs basic lighting, it is mainly used to decorate the surrounding environment and create atmosphere.

At last,the shapes of the road street light are not so diverse. But the shapes of landscape lights are very random and unconstrained.They can be customized according to the surrounding environment and special reasons.

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