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The characteristics of antique courtyard lights create beautiful scenery!

Nowadays, in some city parks, villa courtyards, tourist attractions, and ancient architecture garden courtyards, you can often see the figure of antique courtyard lamps. The effect is very good. Then, what characteristics does the antique courtyard lamp have? Let me introduce it to you.

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1. Diverse styles

Antique courtyard lights are more displayed during the day, so courtyard lights should be in harmony with the overall decoration style of the courtyard, and it is best to mix them together. It can be a simple style, a new rhyme style, an urban romantic style, and of course, it can be a pastoral style. There are many shapes of antique courtyard lamps with Chinese characteristics, such as squares, rectangles, octagons, circles, etc., and the carved patterns on the courtyard lamps are also colorful. Traditional Chinese auspicious patterns often appear in courtyard lamps. Above, such as good luck, good luck, and so on.

2. Appearance color matching

Antique courtyard lamps are not only diverse in shapes, but the colors of the lamps must also be in harmony with the overall design of the courtyard. To echo each other, the colors should be elegant and solemn, which is also a manifestation of awe of traditional culture. Antique courtyard lights can be matched around the same element according to different environments, different regions, and different cultural characteristics. The overall appearance color is generally bronze, or Chinese red, or black, of course, there are various wood grains and so on.

All in all, the antique courtyard lamp gives people a kind of antique feeling, especially in those ancient architecture garden courtyards, it is very common, bringing very good decorative effect, the antique courtyard lamp itself is a beautiful scenery.

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