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Specifications of underwater colored lights

Since underwater colored lights are electrical products that work under water, their applications are special. So there are also special requirements for its technical indicators including underwater lights protection indicators, anti-shock safety indicators and rated working voltage.

The protection index of underwater colored lights is divided into dustproof and waterproofing. The national standard stipulates that the dustproof level of the lamp is divided into 6 levels. Among them, level 6 is the highest, and the dustproof level of underwater colored lights should reach level 6, whose symbol is IP6X. The waterproof grade of the lamps is 8.

The sixth grade is water-splashing, the seventh grade is water-tight and the eighth grade is pressurized water-tight. The eighth level is the highest, and the waterproof level of the underwater colored lights should meet the requirements of the eighth level, whose mark symbol is IPX8.

Based on the requirements, the dust-proof level of the underwater colored lights is 6, and the water-proof level is 8. The mark symbol is IP68.

The anti-shock indexes of national standards for lights are divided into class O, class I, class II and class III. At the same time, the national standards clearly stipulate that the underwater lighting lamps in swimming pools, fountain pools, paddling pools and similar places shall be class III lamps for anti-electric shock protection. The operating voltage of the external and internal circuits shall not exceed 12V.

The rated working voltage of lamps and lanterns is electric parameter index of lamps and lanterns, it decided the use environment of the lamp directly, it is actual working voltage must want to agree with rated working voltage namely. Otherwise, either because the voltage is too high and burn out the light source, or because too low and can not achieve the lighting effect of light.

Therefore, when choosing underwater colored lights, we should pay special attention to the above technical indicators.

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