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Solar Street Light is the Development Trend of Lighting Industry in Recent Years


In recent years, with solar energy as a clean and environmentally friendly energy is well known to the public, solar street light, solar garden light, solar lawn light and so on have gradually appeared in people’s vision, in comparison, solar street light is the most widely used one. Due to the inherent advantages of solar street light, it is expected that they will become the new favorite of lighting industry. As we all know, energy saving and environmental protection will be the main direction of the development of lighting industry, many enterprises have invested a lot of technology and funds to develop this solar street lamp. It has the advantages of no need to lay cables, no consumption of municipal power, long service life and so on. It has been widely recognized by the society. Many cities and villages are promoting the use of solar street lamps on a large scale, with excellent results.


As solar street light is a new industry, it has just started to develop, so there are still some problems in solar street light.

1. Battery quality. The actual service life of storage battery is the key factor affecting the operation quality of solar energy system. The design life of ordinary lead-acid battery is generally 56 years. But in practical application, it usually needs to be replaced in two or three years, and some of them end in less than one year. From the point of view of environmental protection and emission reduction, the replacement cycle of ordinary batteries is short, which increases the operation cost of solar lamps, and the replacement batteries need to be reused. This process also increases the impact on the environment. Therefore, the selection of lithium batteries with high cost performance ratio is an effective solution.

2. The oscillator in high voltage circuit is easy to be damaged, the lamp life is short and the reliability is not high; the light source has high power, but low brightness, and the high power light source leads to large system configuration, which doubles the cost of the system.

3. Controller problem. The charging method and parameter setting of the controller have certain influence on the operation quality of the solar light system, but the quality of the controller used at present is general.

4. System matching. Nowadays, the manufacturers of solar light often pursue too much shape design, but neglect the most important system matching research. Without in-depth consideration, simple calculation results in a large number of problems of lamps and lanterns. In order to create the price advantage of their own products, some manufacturers sacrifice system stability at the expense of these practices, which are not advisable.

Therefore, if the solar light system wants to develop rapidly and healthily, it must first solve these problems.

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