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Rigid Light Bar

The light bar includes flexible LED light bar and hard light bar.

The rigid light bar uses PCB board to assemble the circuit board and it cannot be bent at will.

The flexible light bar uses softer FPC as the assembly circuit board. The flexible light bar is encapsulated in transparent plastic and can be bent.

The rigid light bar has better linearity.It is more convenient to fix and install. It is suitable for use in more spacious spaces and can show better light consistency.

The voltages used for rigid light bars are universal voltage and driving voltage. The general voltage is high voltage. The driving voltage is 24V, which is safe and reliable.

The rigid light bar is made of aluminum material, which has better heat dissipation and more power.The LED hard light bar can be repaired by a single unit.

 You can choose the color temperature according to different lighting environment.For example, the warm white light is suitable for gold lighting.The natural white light is suitable for gem and jade lighting.

The flexible light bar is used widely in auxiliary lighting such as showcase windows, jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, specialty store decorative lighting, advertising light box lighting and hotels, hotels, decorative lighting, etc.

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