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Rgb Wall Washer

The RGB wall washer is composed of basic three primary colors.The red, green and blue can be combined to form colorful. It has been loved by major industries.

There is high-power LED that has long life, low power consumption, pure color, no pollution, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, and good sealing.

The outer shell adopts aluminum alloy lamp body and integral molding processing technology, which ensures good heat dissipation effect and reduces the light decay effectively during the use of LED.

The use of optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens.The light loss is small.In addition,there is good illuminance.

The unique switch constant current source technology ensures the stable operation of each LED.

There is exquisite appearance,strong texture,unique heat dissipation treatment, reduce the accumulation of heat and ensure the service life of the lamp.

The appearance color of RGB wall washer can be made into one with the building.

The RGB wall washer is suitable for landscape lighting, stage lighting, building lighting, billboard lighting, green landscape lighting; hotel, cultural lights special facilities lighting, bar, ballroom and other entertainment venue atmosphere lighting.

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