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RGB Flood Light

The projection distance is more than 100 meters.There is high light efficiency and long service life.

The RGB flood light has good heat dissipation.The light is soft without flashing and no ultraviolet rays.The flood light can be an integrated light source, a patch light source and a single high-power lamp bead, which has high light efficiency and long service life.

There is high-quality power and high waterproof level.The RGB flood light not only can save energy and electricity, but also can restore the color of the illuminated items truly.

There is low energy consumption, low light attenuation, high lumen value and stable voltage.

The RGB flood light has design of over-voltage protection, overload protection, ground wire, live wire and neutral three-wire.

The lamp body adopts integrated die-cast aluminum. After anodizing and hardening treatment.There is high hardness, strong convection hollow design, faster heat dissipation and longer lamp life.

The use of high-quality thermal conductive glue ensures the stability of the lamp beads and delays the service life of the entire lamp.

The tempered glass screen printing panel and high strength is not fragile.It is explosion-proof, rainproof, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

 RGB floodlights can be used to project the external walls of buildings such as bridges, parks, scenic spots, rockery,hotels and so on.

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