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Quality selection of LED grille light panel

Teach you how to identify the quality of the LED grille light panel in one second. The service life of the grille lamp panel has a lot to do with its own quality factors. Therefore, it is very important to choose a grill light panel with good quality and high cost performance. So the question is, how to identify the quality of the grid lamp panel at the first glance?


First, look at the appearance of the LED grille light panel: Generally speaking, there are two materials for the grille light panel: the chassis is plastic. This quality is not as reliable as cold rolled plates. The service life is not long.


Second, check the relevant certificates of the grille light panel, such as 3C certification and test reports. Generally speaking, professional lighting factories have passed the national quality certification.

Then, after installing the light source, you need to check the overall brightness of the grille lamp panel. For the less professional, it is more difficult to distinguish its light effect from the naked eye, and remind people to wear a pair of sunglasses to see more clearly. It is mainly to see whether there are dark areas, bright spots, etc. on both sides of the light board, and finally to see the color of the light, which cannot be observed by the naked eye.


Here is a simple way to check the light color of the LED grille light panel. After the lamp cup is ignited, use a piece of white paper to block the position 5cm away from the head of the grille light panel (due to the refraction of the lens, the white paper should not stick to the grille light panel). A better grille light panel has better light and color consistency, and a poorer grille light panel is prone to produce areas of different colors.


Through professional optical design and grid anti-glare technology, the guide ball LED grid light panel uses transparent materials and omnidirectional light to create a healthy, comfortable and uniform light environment. This is our purpose as a LED grid light manufacturer. It is also very important for consumers to identify the quality of grille lights. Hope the above knowledge can help you

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