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Precautions for Selecting and Installing Garden Lights

Garden lights include European garden lights, classical garden lights and solar garden lights. Do you know the precautions for selecting and installing garden lights?

  In the choice of lighting style, try to choose garden lights that match the  garden style. The modern garden lights is simple and beautiful. Most private villas are more inclined to choose classical and European courtyard lights. If they match the environment, the overall effect will look more beautiful.

The color temperature of garden lights is also required. Light sources that are too cold are not suitable for private courtyards. Generally, you should choose softer and warmer ones. The layout of the garden lights is not placed blindly, and the garden lights are generally arranged according to the size of the road.

Lightning protection measures should be taken for garden lights to prevent problems before they happen. If it is a solar garden, in cold areas, try to choose batteries with better cold resistance. Do not install the battery under the solar panel during installation directly, and try to bury it underground. When installing garden lights, take measures to prevent theft, waterproof, and freeze, and check the components of garden lights regularly.

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