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Pool Lights

Note on the purchase of  pool lights:
First of all, you need to choose different parameters of the pool lights according to different needs. Secondly, the underwater light purchase attention points, that is, waterproof. Water resistance is a major feature of underwater lights. If the waterproof performance is poor, it is not safe and the life of the lamp is very short. Performance stability is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of underwater lights. Otherwise, it will be extinguished when it is on, and it will be greatly reduced in safety. If the underwater light has stable performance, it is essential to choose a professional transformer. The quality of the accessories is also one of the factors to determine whether the underwater light is worth buying. The general accessories for the underwater light are the lamp housing, and the stainless steel lamp housing is the best, but we have to judge the performance of the stainless steel when we purchase it.

Reference factors for purchasing a pool light:
Due to the special nature of underwater light applications, it is an electrical product that works underwater, so it also has special requirements for its technical indicators. Generally, the following factors should be considered when purchasing a pool light:
1,Dustproof level. The national standard stipulates that the dustproof level of the lamps is divided into six levels. Therefore, the dust level of the underwater light should reach 6 levels.
2,Waterproof rating. According to the national standard, the waterproof rating of the lamps is divided into 8 levels. The waterproof level of underwater lights should also meet the requirements of level 8.
3,Anti-shock safety indicators. The national standard anti-shock indicators for lamps are divided into four categories: O, I, II, and III. Similarly, in accordance with international regulations, the protection against electric shock of swimming pool lights should be Class III for protection against electric shock.
4,Rated working voltage. The rated working voltage of the luminaire is the indicator of the electrical parameters of the luminaire, which directly determines the environment in which the lamp is used. Otherwise, the light source may be burned out due to excessive voltage, and the lighting requirement may not be reached because it is too low.


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