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Maintenance of LED wall washer

Nowadays, LED wall washer is more and more popular, but in the process of use, LED wall washer still needs to do the usual daily maintenance. Because it affects its service life of LED wall washer.

The following are the maintenance of LED wall washer.

  First of all,turn off the switching power supply of the high-power LED wall washer. It can ensure that the entire maintenance process is safe. And it is not easy to cause damage to the power circuit of the lamp.

Therefore, power off must be done. Then in the case of cleaning, be sure to use a dry towel to scrub.

Secondly,do not use compound to scrub when cleaning, such as detergent, it will erode the surface of high-power LED wall washer.

Thirdly, check regularly whether the mounting bracket screws of the lamp are loose and whether the waterproof tape where the wall washer is connected to the power supply is not off.

In a word,daily maintenance can extend the service life of LED wall washer very well.

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