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Led Wall Lights

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing attention to topics such as the energy environment, consumers’ demands for energy conservation, environmental protection, and healthy and comfortable life are increasing. In terms of lighting, the choice of energy-saving and healthy lighting products has become the mainstream of society gradually.

LED wall lights can be divided into unidirectional LED wall lights and multidirectional LED wall lights according to their light emitting angle.

There are many types and styles of wall lamps, such as common ceiling lamps, color-changing wall lamps, bedside wall lamps and mirror front wall lamps.

Ceiling lamps are mostly installed in balconies,stairs, corridors and bedrooms.

The color-changing wall lamps are mostly used in festivals.

The bedside wall lamps are mostly installed on the upper left side of the bed, the lamp head can be rotated universally. The beam is concentrated, which is convenient to read.

The wall lamp in front of the mirror is mostly used near the mirror in the bathroom.

The LED wall lights have high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.There is no radiation and no glare. They don’t contain ultraviolet and infrared rays to cause damage to the irradiated objects and people.

LED wall lights are suitable for hotels, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, brand stores, conference rooms, leisure, entertainment venues, office spaces, exhibition halls, restaurants, furniture and other places.

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