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Lawn Light

The lawn light is used as a lighting for green landscape lighting such as parks and campus lawns. Therefore, in order to add beauty and create an atmosphere, the design of the lawn lamp is mainly based on soft lighting, and has the characteristics of convenient installation and strong decoration.

Lawn light maintenance
Lawn lights are indispensable lamps in daily life, so it is necessary to maintain more. In particular, lawn lamps in public places need to be maintained frequently, because its operation affects the image of the government. For lawn lamps in public places, regular maintenance personnel are required to perform maintenance. Regular inspections and regular maintenance. On the other hand, relevant units should also increase the management of lawn lamps to ensure that the lawn lamp facilities can operate normally.

The role of lawn lights
The lawn light is not only a decorative embellishment, but also serves as a guide at night. Therefore, the lawn light can play a big role in the evening. For example, the lights of different colors enrich the viewing interest of the night, and the bright lights contrast with the surrounding landscape and have high ornamental value.





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