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Introduction to the basic knowledge of LED strips


Introduction to the basic knowledge of LED strips
The LED light bar is a kind of strip lighter which is soldered on the metal with a led lamp. Because it is mostly like a strip and emits light, it is called an LED light bar. Mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration, setting off the environment to play the role of viewing. Many homes are installed in the secondary mezzanine of the ceiling and in the dark trough of the curtain wall, as well as many commercial establishments for making billboards or rendering atmospheres.
Development history: The development history of LED light strips has been going on for almost a few decades. In the European countries decades ago, the original LED light strips were only soldered on a simple metal with led lights, and the outer layer was made of translucent plastic sleeves. People use it for viewing. After decades of development, the current LED strips are waterproof and colorful. Used in many fields, automotive, home business, etc. will use LED strips as viewing backdrops.
Product structure characteristics: The structure of the LED light bar is very simple, consisting of several led lights, metal wires and outer skin, and the shape is strip-like. Since the current LED strip strip is made of a thick rubber plastic as a protective layer, this has become a major feature. The thicker outer skin has the effect of insulating and waterproofing. If necessary, it can be placed underwater. And because it is very soft, it can be bent to create a lot of shapes, so people also call him a LED flexible strip. The most convenient is that it can be cut off at will. The colorful and colorful has always been the first choice for decorative lighting in many homes and businesses.
Scope of use: Due to the many characteristics of LED strips, it is suitable for many fields, such as home, business, automotive industry and so on. The most common ceilings in the home, commercial shop billboards, car taillights, etc. and used in many festival parties to set off the stage effect. It is one of the most widely used lamps.

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