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Introduction to floodlights and common application scenarios

LED spotlight is also called spotlight, projection lamp, spotlight and so on. It is mainly used for building decorative lighting, as well as commercial space lighting. The decorative components are heavy. Its appearance is round and square, because the reason of heat dissipation must be considered generally, so its shape is different from the traditional spotlight.

Floodlights can cast shadows and projections. A single

floodlight projecting shadows is equivalent to six spotlights projecting shadows, pointing from the center to the outside.
When a map projected by a floodlight is set up (the floodlight is projected using the coordinates of “spherical”, “cylindrical”, “shrinking enviroment”), the method of projection mapping is the same as that of mapping to the environment.

When using “screen environment” coordinates or “explicit mapping channel texture” coordinates, six copies of the mapping will be projected radially.

Tip: Floodlights can generate up to six quadtrees, so they can generate ray-tracing shadows more slowly than spotlights. Avoid using ray-tracing shadows with floodlights unless required in the scene.

Floodlight use places: square ground, Lane light, courtyard, staircase light, wall light, theatre staircase light, safety exit light and many other occasions.

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