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Incandescent Step Light

The development trend of incandescent step lamps is mainly toward the development of energy-saving bulbs. incandescent step lamps of different uses and requirements have different structures and components. Incandescent lamps are currently used in a wide range of light sources.

Method for extending the life of an incandescent filament
The incandescent lamp works by heating the filament to an incandescent state and using an electric light source that emits heat radiation. Therefore, the filament is a critical part for the entire incandescent lamp. When using incandescent lamps, you should use more maintenance to reduce the evaporation of the filaments and prolong the service life. The way to reduce the evaporation of the filament is to lower the temperature, and lowering the filament temperature can extend the life of the incandescent lamp. But this is not an ideal way to improve the light efficiency of incandescent step lamps.

Current status of incandescent step lamps
Today’s lighting projects advocate energy conservation and quality of lighting to adapt to the modern and sustainable development of society. Today’s lighting trends are mainly the use of efficient lighting products to replace inefficient lighting. Save electricity to a greater extent, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is also the common goal of energy saving and emission reduction in the world. Therefore, at present, LED as a new green light source has slowly replaced incandescent lamps and played a big role in some fields.

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