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How to install downlight

There are the installation methods of the downlight.

Concealed downlights

  Concealed installation is the most used way of installing downlights in home . When installing, you need to punch holes in the wall and embed the downlights in the wall, so that the light can not be seen. When using concealed downlights, you can only see the lights but not the lamps, which not only has the lighting effect, but also does not affect the overall appearance of the home improvement.

Surface mounted downlight

It does not need to punch holes in the wall that reduces the installation steps.The installation method is like a ceiling light. The downlight must be fixed on the wall of the suspended ceiling first, and then connect the outlet on the wall. Compared with the concealed downlight, the surface-mounted downlight has a better focusing effect on the illuminated object and can highlight the overall effect of the illuminated object.

Ceiling downlight

It is also a kind of surface mounting. The installation method of the ceiling downlight is the same as that of the ceiling light, but it can highlight the focusing effect of the illuminated object and highlight the key points. Ceiling downlights are generally used in commercial lighting places, such as cafes, restaurants and other places for decoration. Each table can be divided by light, which can give customers a sense of security and protect customer privacy.

Creative downlight

The creative downlight looks like a lamp, but when it is connected to a computer and mobile phone, it can become a simple projector.It is also can watch movies and play games, which is multi-purpose.

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