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How to Choose Wall Lamps?

In addition to choosing high-quality and reliable manufacturers, you should pay attention to the quality of the lampshade and the brightness of wall lamps.

When choosing wall lamps, look at the quality of the lamp first. The lampshade is usually made of glass, and the bracket is usually made of metal. The lampshade mainly depends on whether its light transmittance is suitable, and the surface pattern and color should echo the overall style of the room. Whether the metal’s corrosion resistance is good, whether the color and gloss are bright and full are important indicators for checking quality.

Generally speaking, soft light is better.The brightness of wall lamps should be less than 60 watts. In addition, different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the installation needs.

For example, if the room is small, use a single-head wall lamp. If the room is large, use a double-head wall lamp.If the space is large, you can choose a thicker wall lamp, otherwise, choose a thinner wall lamp.

It is best to choose wall lamps with protective cover for the bulb, which can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and causing danger.

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