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How to choose outdoor lamps?

There are many types of lamps.Different lamps have different characteristics. So we must pay attention to comfort and usability when choosing.

For users who buy lamps regularly, they expect the lamps last as long as possible, so that they do not need to be recharged frequently and do not worry about running out of power at critical times.

However, the duration of the lamps is limited. Generally, it can last 8-10 days, because the longer the duration, the poorer the brightness and the battery capacity should be increased accordingly, and the sense of heavy pressure will increase accordingly.

The brightness of the product is as bright as possible. The wider the irradiation range, the better.Except for special purposes outer,for the irradiation distance, more than 100 meters is enough.Because it is too far,our eyes can not see clearly .

At the time of purchase, the charging time of the product must also be considered. Generally speaking, if the capacity of the battery is large, but the output current of the charger does not increase, it will double the charging time. So choose a high-capacity battery, when choosing a high-current charger.

Garden lamps, landscape lamps and so on are types of outdoor lamps. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we must pay attention to the brightness of the lamps and lanterns, and think about the lighting time of the product,then choose the more suitable lamp type finally.

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