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How to choose LED wall washer?

LED wall washer is a relatively common lamp in night scene lighting, mainly for lighting the wall, which is a surface light source. So, how to choose LED wall washer?

First,choose a regular manufacturer of wall washer. The regular and powerful manufacturer has quality assurance and technical services.

Secondly,choose the appropriate LED wall washer according to the height of the irradiation. The height of the LED wall washer is It is related to the power of the lamp and the angle of light. The greater the power, the higher the brightness of the illumination, and the higher the illumination height. In the case of the same power, the smaller the beam angle, the higher the irradiation height.

Thirdly,choose the color of the LED wall washer according to the design renderings.

  At last,choose the power of LED wall washer according to the degree of light absorption of the wall.

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