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For LED panel lights, the technology to improve the brightness of the lamp is very important

In the LED lighting manufacturing industry, LED panel lights are the most widely used indoor side lighting. Because of their low cost and simple structure, they are favored by many manufacturing companies. Let’s discuss the structure of the LED panel light: it is mainly an LED lighting fixture that converts the linear light source into a surface light source according to the laser light guide plate. Therefore, for the LED panel light manufacturer, the light guide plate is a very critical component. .

The effect of the light guide plate in the LED panel light is obvious, but people must also understand that the technicality of the service outlet design of the light guide plate must meet the requirements of the LED panel light, otherwise the LED panel light cannot maintain the best actual lighting effect.

The design plan of the LED panel light guide plate must be an elite team with rich experience and professional and technical personnel. The technical team of Yongke Optoelectronics Technology can design the laser network according to the customer’s lamp module.

The supplier grasps the characteristics of the product when selecting the product, and checks the basic statistical data. If the statistical data is satisfactory, sampling can be carried out, so that the order information can be placed in the future for manufacturing.

Of course, on the other hand, what can’t be ignored is that the diffuser, reflective stickers, heat dissipation and other links must also be the best. Pay attention to the compatibility of these components to produce the best LED panel light products.


1. Luminous flux: Generally, customers are more concerned about luminous flux. Luminous flux is the compressive strength of light. Under normal circumstances, the greater the luminous flux, the greater the compressive strength of light. For example, Yongke 19W 600*600mm panel light, luminous flux>=1700LM, It is a high-brightness lighting fixture.

2. The size of the LED panel light is usually divided according to the specifications of the LED panel light. There are 300*300mm, 600*600MM, 300*600mm, 300*1200mm, 600*1200mm, etc. The customer can follow the lighting fixture site The size of the indoor space is clear.

3. Raw materials for LED panel light applications: Yongke usually chooses acrylic masks and aluminum alloy profiles, which have high light conductivity, uniform light intensity, and are beneficial to heat pipe heat dissipation. All lighting fixtures are beautiful, simple and airy. luxurious.

4. LED lamp beads for LED panel light applications: LED lamp beads are divided into domestic and imported ones. Under normal circumstances, the domestic quality is poor, and the price is lower. LED lamp beads imported from Taiwan are more expensive.

But regardless of the quality, low light loss and long life, customers can choose the right one according to their needs. Yongke LED panel lamp manufacturers usually choose LED lamp beads imported from Guangzhou, which are brighter, long life, and mild light source.

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