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Factors affecting the service life of LED corn lamps

Insufficient thermal conductivity material of LED corn light will affect the service life of LED corn light. For example, the current fake and inferior electric bulbs are all plastic, and there is no heat pipe radiator for heat dissipation, so the lamp source can not get the heat when it is hot.

The heat dissipation design of the heat pipe of the lighting fixture and the unscientific installation of the natural environment will affect the service life of the LED corn lamp. The installation of led corn light requires a certain amount of heat pipe to dissipate the indoor space to dissipate heat from the heat pipe. Because LED lighting fixtures are all composed of electronic components, once they are wet and cold, they will harm their characteristics and cause it to be very easy to break.

LED corn light is environmentally friendly.It is long life and light weight. LED corn light is small and can be used in various signs, interior decoration, backlight, general lighting and night scenes.

The built-in power of corn lamp lighting is very critical. The light output power of the LED decreases as the temperature of the LED rises. The output power of the switching power supply is high, and the heat value of the LED is small, which is beneficial to delay the light loss of the LED.

The impact resistance of LED is relatively poor, so it is necessary to improve its safety protection. Especially for some products installed outdoors, the start and stop of the power grid load and lightning strikes have an impact on the switching power supply.

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