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Common sense of the number of LED chips

It is common for the same LED lamp to use only one chip, but under special circumstances, it can use two to four chips. For example, a straw hat lamp can use one to two chips (considering its small size and poor heat dissipation) Convenience leads to unstable performance, generally only one or two chips are used); a piranha lamp can use one, two, three, four chips, our company usually uses one and two chips); SMD 3528 lamps can be used One, two, three chips (one and two chips are commonly used in our company), SMD 5050 generally uses three chips, special instructions; SMD lamps use three chips, there are two situations: 1, three The colors of the chips are exactly the same. 2. The three chips are red, green, and blue, which are what we often call RGB lights.

Common sense of LED viewing angle;

The common light-emitting angle of the in-line LED is 120 degrees, and the special one can be 45 degrees or 15 degrees. The in-line type commonly used by our company is generally 120 degrees, the silicone light bar uses 45 degrees, and the patch type generally emits 120 degrees;

Common sense of LED voltage;

1.Single low-power LED light (including plug-in type or patch type). The allowable current on each chip is generally not higher than 20 mA; the allowable current on each dual-chip lamp is generally not higher than 20 mA; in the same way, each three-chip etc. shall not be higher than 60 mA. . .

2. For high-power LEDs, our company has adopted 1W, which allows a large current of 150 mA.

Common sense of LED brightness (intensity);

1. The definition of candlelight, international candlelight, candela

Under the standard atmospheric pressure of 101325 Newtons per square meter, a “black body” with an area equal to 1/60 square centimeter (that is, an ideal object that can absorb all external light without reflection), at the solidification temperature of pure platinum (Pt) (about 2042K) At 1769°C), the luminous angle along the vertical direction is 1 candela. Moreover, the three concepts of candlelight, international candlelight, and candela are different and should not be equal. In terms of quantity, 60 candela is equal to 58.8 international candles, and 1 candela of Hefner lamp is equal to 0.885 international candles or 0.919 candela.

2. Luminous intensity and brightness: Luminous intensity is abbreviated as light intensity, and the international unit is candela (Candela) abbreviated cd. Lcd refers to the luminous flux emitted by the light source in the unit solid angle of the specified direction.

3. mcd value

Mcd value is an irregular name in the industry. Because of the different test instruments, the mcd value measured by the same product is different from each manufacturer. In the actual sales process, the two concepts often encountered are lumen and brightness. As a salesperson, you don’t need to fully understand technically, but you need to keep in mind the mcd value of our conventional low-power LED lights (using the parameters listed in the quotation Prevail).

Common sense of LED color temperature:

The color temperature is a general indicator of the spectral quality of the light source. The color temperature is defined by the black body. When the radiation of the light source is exactly the same as the black body in the visible region, the temperature of the black body at this time is called the color temperature of the light source. The characteristic of the low color temperature light source is that in the energy distribution, red radiation is relatively more, usually called ‘cold light’. The color temperature of some common light sources is; standard candle light is 1930K (Kelvin temperature unit); tungsten lamp is 2760-2900K, fluorescent lamp is 3000K, flash is 3800K, noon sunlight is 5400K, electronic flash is 6000K; blue sky is 12000-18000K, Generally defined, warm white temperature: 2700-3200K, true white: 4000-4500K, day white: 6000-6500K, cool white: above 6500K.

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