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Ceiling Flood Lights

 Ceiling flood light is a kind of lighting fixture that uses LED as a light source and is installed inside the room. Because it is attached to the roof, it is also called LED ceiling lamp. The lampshade of the ceiling lamp is usually made of plastic or plexiglass.

The features of ceiling flood light
LED ceiling lamps have the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, low maintenance cost, high safety performance, energy saving and power saving. Because LEDs are available in a variety of colors, LED ceiling lamps can be used to convert a variety of light colors. The lighting colors are soft and colorful, and can be used not only for home lighting but also for scene lighting.

The attention of ceiling lamp installation

1. The size of the wire core section of each luminaire must be uniform.

2. The connection between the wire and the lamp cap and the connection between the lamp caps should be fixed. The electrical contact should be ensured. If the electrical contact is poor, a spark will occur between the wire and the terminal, which may cause danger.

3. Pay attention to the installation position of the ceiling lamp. The installation position of the lamp will directly affect the illumination angle and effect. Therefore, the installation positions and height of the ceiling lamp are also important factors.





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