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Application of LED wall washer

Maybe we don’t know much about LED wall washer, but we have seen the landscape created by it in many environmental places. Especially the city light effect, the illumination of the building is simply essential. This light allows the light to be washed over the wall like water. At the same time, the application of line lights can also outline the large buildings when lighting the building.

It is widely used in cities, such as panoramic floodlights on the internal and external walls of government lighting projects, commercial sites, stages, conference writing, display lights, ancient buildings, cultural squares, viaducts, building exterior walls, and architectural landmarks illumination. Landscape buildings, outdoor squares, landscapes and walls, and display coloring are all available. The first wall lights in big cities were originally common in outdoor projects. Can carry out a variety of color changes, dazzling and colorful, can be called a light show.
The color of the LED wall washer can be described as colorful, and it is specifically adjusted according to the effect of different use environment places. And its controller is realized through programming code operation, so it is very intelligent. The realization of this light effect mainly lies in the successful use of high-power LEDs as light sources, and the service life is also very long, greater than 5000 hours. The lamp is strip-shaped, and the high-quality housing is generally made of aluminum. Due to its design, the projection angle has a wide adjustable range and high brightness. There are fixed screw holes on the outside of the lamp housing to facilitate the installation of the interface.
According to the different needs of customers for LED wall washer lights, we provide lamps with irregular models. Specialized design can also be carried out, of course, only a strong manufacturer can do it. Especially for the controller, professional programming is required, so that intelligent operation can be realized during the use. For this kind of engineering use, it is best to find the source manufacturer. After all, the seller or the lamp supplier is basically based on sales. The technical maintenance is not strong.

Application of LED wall washer

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