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Advantages of LED garden lights

We can see LED garden lights in many public places such as residential quarters, parks or tourist attractions. They decorate our city residences and add the guarantee for going out at night.

There are the advantages of choosing LED garden lights.

Compared with other ordinary lamps that are short in use and easy to wear and need to be replaced frequently. LED garden lights have super long life. The theoretical life of LED super energy-saving lamps can reach tens of thousands of hours. The life of incandescent lamps is usually more than 1,000 hours. LED garden lights play an important role in the long-term use effect.

LED garden lights have high efficiency and low energy consumption. They reduce the cost of special transmission and distribution equipment and lines. At the same time, the line loss in use is extremely low. In addition, the LED is easy to start and can be started continuously and immediately.

Everyone knows that relatively ordinary lights will damage eyesight.However, LED garden lights have low heat and no heat radiation.In addition,it contains no mercury, sodium and other elements harmful to human health.

 At the same time, LED is an all-solid luminous body. It is impact resistant and not broken easily. The waste is recyclable and pollution-free.

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